Why Young People Prefer Hooking Up

Why Young People Prefer Hooking Up

A lot of millennials and even people from generation Z have taken a preference to hooking up. Dating is not as popular as it used to be and a lot of people wonder why. If you are wondering why hookup culture is so common now, keep on reading.



One of the biggest reasons why hooking up is common is because it is convenient. A lot of people are on online dating sites which lets them meet people nearby. Usually with online dating sites, there is a bigger focus on hookups rather than dating. People who are on the sites can meet up with another person and hook up and might not meet again. Younger people find that they can easily satisfy their needs now without having to put too much effort.

Lack of Time

The economy that we live in is a lot harder now and many young people feel a lot of pressure. Many of them struggle to juggle work, school and a social life that they cannot imagine adding a relationship or dating into the mix. Hookups let them get their fix without having to get into a commitment that they cannot make time for. They will not have to worry about pleasing someone when they have other responsibilities to meet.


As we stated earlier, the economy is not easy for a lot of young people. Dating can be expensive because you have to pay for dates, gifts, etc. Even if the person that you can date is not into fancy dates or materialistic, it can still be costly to make sure the other person feels special and loved. Many young people are trying to save up for college or to pay the bills, so they do not think dating can fit into their budget.


The culture is another huge factor as to why hookups are popular with young people. A lot of the music that is popular is about hooking up with other people and having fun with your life. When you watch movies and TV shows they often show bachelors living the fun single life or girls who love to go out and party. This influence made a lot of people enjoy the single life and hookups. The culture made a lot of people think of dating as more of being tied down and being restricted.

Lack of Social Skills

While this might not always be true, some of the younger generation do lack certain social skills. We can blame it on technology if that is the case because people are comfortable being on their phone screen and texting rather than making calls. Young people often feel comfort in the internet and may not feel the need for relationships because they can get their fix either way. 

While not all young people are the same, there is a significant rise in the amount of hookups there are compared to the last generations. Many people enjoy hookups to either enjoy their single life, have no time to date, etc. and they should be allowed to do so.